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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound / HIFU Cambridge

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound / HIFU Cambridge is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound rays to firm the skin which helps with Face, Body and Vaginal Tightening Treatments. It is a new cosmetic technology that focuses ultrasound rays on specific parts of the skin to make the skin look much younger and more toned.

Step 1: Nurture
Remove hard skin on the heel, ball and side of the foot using long, strong, positive movements with the Ceramic Hard Skin Remover (£15.50). Soak feet in Blissful Foot Bath Soak (4oz, £12.25) in Energising Ginger for five minutes.

Step 2: Rejuvenate
Dry feet thoroughly, then apply a generous amount of Perfection Natural Salt Polish (8oz, £18). Massage the feet and legs, concentrating on hard skin areas around the ankles, heels and knees. This contains natural sea salt combined with essential oils, oat bran and papain to provide a triple exfoliation action that buffs away the most severe dryness to leave skin smooth and polished.

Step 3: Revitalise
Take a generous layer of Energising Ginger Pampered Silkening Souffle Lotion (4oz, £12.60) and rub into the feet and legs up to the knee. Its blend of papain and AHA lactic acids with rich conditioners gently exfoliate and moisturise rough dry skin.

Step 4: Invigorate
Take a generous layer of Balanced Foot Masque (4oz, £16) in Energising Ginger and apply over the entire foot up to the ankle and leave for five minutes. Its formulation of natural botanicals hydrates and conditions, while papain and a mixed fruit acid complex help break down dead skin and boost cellular repair. Remove the Masque with warm wet compresses, dry feet and apply Heel Repair Cream (4oz, £18).

Step 5: Synergy
Treat feet to a liberal spritzing of Refreshed Foot Spray (2oz, £7.60) in Energising Ginger. Blended with natural botanicals and menthol, it instantly freshens and rejuvenates. Before painting begins, brush nails with Jessica's Hand and Body Bath (8oz, £12.75) to remove any product residue and then dry thoroughly.

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