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BEAUTY-TOX - No needles, no Botox £80
The powerful alternative to cosmetic injections, BEAUTY-TOX is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment from OXYjet.

Using the pulsed pressure of pure oxygen, BEAUTY-TOX is 'shot' into the deepest layers of the skin. This toxin free equivalent to cosmetic injections reduces muscle contractions responsible for the formation of lines in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth. It amplifies the Collagen within the skin, filling lines and wrinkles giving a smoother complexion.

BEAUTY-TOX Curative £110
Following the BEAUTY-TOX treatment, OXYtone seals in the benefits for long term results while the oscillating head stimulates the muscles giving a gentle yet powerful work out with an instant lifting effect for the face. It combines the latest in lymphatic drainage and blue light technology, transporting toxins away instantly and visibly reducing bags under the eyes.

Anti-Pigmentation Treatment £80
Within just ten sessions, the OXYjet Anti Pigmentation treatment will achieve a dramatic reduction in the appearance of skin discolouration with lasting results.

Scientifically proven to be the most effective way of diminishing age spots and pigmentation disorders caused by over exposure to the sun, this treatment diminishes pigmentation problems without the use of bleaching agents or harsh chemicals.

Essential Bust Lift Treatment £55
Ideal for the perfect bust contour, this treatment is a unique holistic experience to lift and firm the bust, neck and décolleté.

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